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What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships is a skill development program that leads you to apprenticeship by providing you with practical experience under the trainer. The program gives you considerable workspace and other opportunities to enhance your competencies.

The maximum time duration for the program is six months with one study day a week and a minimum of two days of work experience at a training center or college.

Who are Traineeships for?

  • The program aims at the young people aged between 16-24,
  • Qualified below a full Level 3 qualification and aren’t employed.
  • Needs practical experience, motivation, and skills before actual employment or

an apprenticeship.

What covers under the Traineeship program?

The Traineeship program is designed keeping in mind the needs of all. It is tailored in a way to cover every aspect of employment such as communication skills, writing CVs, interview preparation, job searching, and development of interpersonal skills.

What are the advantages of the traineeships? Traineeships not only provide you experience but also:

  • Trains you in your relevant career field, enhances your inner skills, gives you motivation and confidence to face challenges in the future, and helps you to achieve nationally recognized qualifications upon completion.

  • Provides trainee for English and Maths qualifications as crucial employability skills

  • You won’t just be limited to the classroom, instead, you get a combination of formal theoretical learning and practical training in the workplace.

  • Not only trainees but employers also benefit When they commit to someone who is already trained with the skill. Therefore, having an efficient team leads to an increase in both efficiency and productivity as well as an edge over the competitors.

What TRAINEESHIP COURSES are available?

Offering a wide range of courses for learners from different fields such as business admin, marketing, football, music production, cyber security, graphic designing, etc, there’s a traineeship for everyone. Courses available are:




Business Admin

Learn from day-to-day operations and business functions to the strategic goals.

Child Care

Learn about children’s well-being, development, and growth, creating safe learning environments, communicating with families, etc.

Customer service training (CST

Get the skills, knowledge, and competencies required to boost customer satisfaction.


Get the combination of learning and work experience as a route to industry

Data management & Analysis

Learn to handle large quantities of data from multiple sources and increase effeciency

Social media

Learn optimisation and social media campaigns for a wide variety of targeted clients


*Other Courses are:






Are Traineeships paid?

Traineeships are not paid usually but some colleges and employers provides training allowance.Your child might also qualify for financial support, including the 16-19 Bursary Fund that cover the initials like clothing, books and other equipment required during the course of training.

Eligibility for a traineeship?

In terms to be eligible for the traineeship one need to fill the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and submit the copy of required documents. Required documents:

  • Nationality and Residency Status

  • If British/EU, then passport or Birth Certificate number, EU ID number is required

  • If Non-EU residence: Residence status, Date resident in the UK and proof in a

    form of copy of valid visa, Home Office letter, Immigration and Nationality

    Department letter or ARC card is required

  • If the trainee is British: Please upload trainee’s Identification details (British ID details)

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