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Get2UNI is a one-stop solution for all your study needs

GET2UNI is the brainchild of Pawan Srivastava who is a successful entrepreneur and currently resides in Surrey, UK.

Pawan was born in Lucknow (India) and spent much of his teen years in Moscow (Russia) during the final decade of the Soviet era. After completing his school, Pawan started his undergraduate degree in Business Studies at a University in Moscow. In his second year, Pawan applied to UK Universities and got accepted to continue his second year in the UK for an year. This life-changing student experience pursued Pawan to take the full transfer and he continued in the UK to complete his graduation.

After his graduation, Pawan’s work took him back to Russia and then to his roots back in India. After 2 years, Pawan decided to return back to the UK to do a full-time MBA at Northumbria University’s Business School. During his MBA, Pawan was invited to become “International Student Ambassador” with the University and held a few awareness Workshops with International students and their parents. 


Pawan Srivastava

CEO, Get2Uni

Many of those students chose to come and study in the UK and contacted Pawan after they arrived here. Pawan always found it very rewarding to connect with these students and see how they were progressing in their student life as well as their professional lives.

 After completing his MBA, Pawan started working for a large IT Services company in London. The job was interesting and well-paid but it lacked that personal connection with real individuals – what he was looking for. Soon Pawan realized that he wanted to pursue something which gave him satisfaction and at the same time made an impact on real individuals.

Pawan took immense satisfaction in seeing students through their academic and post academic life. Therefore in 2003, Pawan set up his own advisory company guiding international students to UK universities.

During this time, Pawan came across 1000’s of students and guided them throughout the admission process to UK Universities. In 2007, this consulting business evolved and Pawan also established a training centre that specialized in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Having worked with  companies from all over the world, Pawan expanded the consultancy by establishing strong partner relationships both nationally and internationally.  The company has trained over 130,000 students since its inception and is now among the top leaders in the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) field with 40 branches across the United Kingdom and 12 centres in China.

 Pawan is currently working with various education establishments across Europe and US and helping them develop and implement  strategy plans both at national and international levels. Due to his extensive International experience in Higher Education, he has been able to offer guidance to UK Institutions to partner with overseas institutions and vice-versa, student acquisition and offshore facilities development.

 Due to his expertise and decades of experience, Pawan is now working with over 500 institutions around the globe. He holds Board Member and other distinguished positions with several organisations in UK, USA, Russia, Kenya and India that are involved in Education, Technology and Advisory Services.

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