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Discover the benefits of partnering with us as an education agent and unlock new opportunities to connect students with their dream universities worldwide.

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Agent Partnership Program

Our Agent Partnership Program offers education agents a rewarding opportunity to collaborate with us in connecting students from around the world with top universities. 

As part of this program, agents play a vital role in referring students to our services, and in return, they gain access to our extensive university network, receive personalized support, earn competitive commissions, and benefit from expert guidance in the study abroad industry.

We have a global network of University Partners

Why Agents Should Partner with Us?

Extensive University Network

Gain access to our vast network of prestigious universities across the globe, offering a wide range of programs and opportunities for students.

Personalized Support

Benefit from our dedicated agent support team, who are committed to assisting you with any inquiries, providing timely updates, and ensuring a seamless application process.

Competitive Commissions

Enjoy competitive commission rates for successful student admissions, rewarding your efforts in guiding and referring students to our services.

Expert Guidance

Leverage our expertise and knowledge in the study abroad industry, staying updated with the latest trends, visa regulations, and academic programs to better serve your students.

Marketing and Promotional Resources

Access our marketing materials, including brochures, presentations, and digital assets, to effectively promote our services and attract potential students.

Collaboration Opportunities

Join a collaborative community of education agents, engaging in networking events, webinars, and training sessions to foster professional growth and expand your network.

Partner with us

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