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What Get2uni offers - Advice on Accommodation


There are various options available for accommodation for students studying in the United Kingdom. Many universities offer on-campus residence facilities also known as the Halls of Residence to international students. These include Full Board, Semi-Catered and Self-Catered halls, as well as shared facilities.

Some universities also have the option of self-catered shared houses or flats for its students. Another affordable option for students is living as a resident on-campus but for this, you need to apply separately and that too well in advance to keep a slot for yourself.

If you are not able to find such accommodation, then you have to stay in a rented room, homestay or maybe a local host. You can also contact your university’s accommodation office as they can provide you with a list of options available in the nearby area.

There are a whole lot of options available for student accommodation. Every option has pros and cons- that’s why there is no right or wrong decision. You have to choose what’s best for you.

Halls of Residence

These halls house several students in one place with individual furnished bedrooms along with a shared kitchen. At times, bathrooms are also shared although en-suite rooms are increasingly becoming common now. They are generally located near the campus putting you at the centre of your student life. This way, you can make new friends and will have a great social life as well.

Private rented accommodation

Many students prefer to take a rented apartment which houses 4-5 people. It is mostly opted by second year students and by some first-years too. The advantage with a rented apartment is that you get to choose who you live with. You also have a choice on the location of the apartment. You can be away from campus or near it as well.

Living at home/Local host

Staying with a local family can also be a great alternative. Not only does it save money on rent and bills, but it is much more convenient as well. You can also experience local cuisine and flavours as an added benefit of staying with a local family who knows all about the place.

Here is a checklist when looking for a place:

The cost of accomodation will vary from city to city in the United kingdom. If you plan to take an apartment on rent then there would be additional expenses like electricity, internet, water usage and also tenant’s insurance.

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