We have many years of experience in this domain where we help students to get into Universities and enhance their career prospects. We do this by providing you guidance on various course details and also help you in selecting the most suitable course for you. Helping you to have a better career is our moto.


You can check updates about all the courses and their course commencing dates, which are registered with us. We keep our database updated all the time so as to benefit you to the maximum. Our mission is to help each and every student achieve hiscareer goal and prosper in life happily.


We have many Universities registered with us. You can choose your preferred one and check if your details match with the requirements to get the admission. You can take up the preparatory courses which we offer to get yourself ready to get the admission in the University that you have been aiming for throughout your life.


You have this option of applying online for the courses registered with us. You can also call us if you require any guidance while enrolling yourself for a suitable course. We help you with every information about each and every course which you choose to pursue to strengthen your career skills.

WELCOME TO GET2UNI (G2U)has been created by leading education and career development professionals. We help the young and mature student get back to studies in order to improve their career prospects. We have an opening for those who qualify to get funding (upto £15,000 or more in some cases) in order to improve their skills in their respective careers.


We offer guidance to you as a student on, courses to pursue, Universities to attend to, how to get government grant and loans, among others. This is to enable you to successfully complete your studies and hence improve your career.

In addition to the above, we will also give you preparatory courses that will help you get admission to the UK universities and colleges. Realize that most courses and exams are in English, we prepare you for these by making you confident in the English language.

Here, we strive to help you as a student in all aspects of your career. These include (but not limited to);

  • Guidance on applications process
  • Documents checklist
  • Personal statement
  • Preparing you for an interview

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